Inside The Unique Jewelry Creation Process

All of our jewelry is made from precious metals:
Mainly sterling silver and solid 14 k gold, with only recent addition of jewelry made from gold-plated sterling silver.

There are separate shop section for each type, and material is clearly specified in every listing.
Great care is taken to accurately represent each piece of jewelry to you. Our listings contain detailed description, with detailed measurements and close-up photos of the jewelry in question.

Processing of Mediterranean coral:

This is beautiful and very rewarding, yet meticulous, mostly manual time-consuming work.

As you can see on one of the about-us photos, coral-material from which the beads and branches are extracted, is very different in its natural form, from the final product.
Mediterranean coral is rare, very small in size, and due to the climate-changes, prone to coral diseases and parasites.
To be able to extract it from the sea, one has to have special, government issued license, with yearly-limits, as well as special diving equipment and diving experience, as it is located deeper and deeper every year.

After this, it takes skill and much time to process raw coral material into the jewelry-making material.
Branches are cleaned, cut, formed, and polished several times until they become suitable to make the jewelry out of them.
Because of all this, jewelry made from Mediterranean coral is unique and valuable.

All of the coral used in our jewelry is manually processed and not treated with artificial agents, which are often used to enhance its surface smoothness and color.
Coral branches that we have on offer are either fine polished to high-gloss finish or polished to satin finish for closer to natural surface look.


This section will be regularly updated with new material


Final assembly of the necklace

 One of many stages in cleaning and preparation of the coral branches, which will later be polished

Mediterranean coral:  from raw material to finished jewelry




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